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Innovation & Digital Transformation

  • >70
    Digital Initiatives on the program roadmap, 36 of which completed by 2022

  • >1,200 hours
    of training on digital initiatives to date, 560 of which in 2022

  • € 42 mil.
    total investment (with the program having started in 2020)

  • € 27 mil.
    cumulative benefit for the Group over the last three years

Καινοτομία &
Ψηφιακός Μετασχηματισμός

In our efforts to achieving a holistic transition to more environmentally friendly forms of energy and smart energy,HELLENiQ ENERGY is implementing a multi-level Digital Transformation program. It applies innovative technologies that structurally evolve the way we operate, generating higher value to the organization, its value chain, the economy and society as a whole.

The Group’s approach

Digital Transformation is a key strategic priority for HELLENiQ ENERGY on the road to sustainable growth with tangible benefits at the business level and a positive impact on stakeholders and society. In particular, this approach contributes positively in:

  • improving corporate performance in the short and long term by increasing turnover and profitability, while reducing operating costs (e.g., through improved productivity and operational flexibility, increased quality and speed of corporate operations, faster commercial response and personalized customer experience);
  • effectively tackling competition, considering that most energy companies worldwide have embarked on their digital journey, reaping significant benefits;
  • promoting new employee-centered working practices, empowering existing human capital with new knowledge, skills and modern operating practices, as well as adopting new approaches to the organization, collaboration and efficiency of teams internally and towards society as a whole;
  • conducting controls and crisis management, incorporating new capabilities to respond and minimize risks during potential incidents (a good example is the proper management of the COVID-19 pandemic).

At the same time, HELLENiQ ENERGY recognizes that Digital Transformation is essential for operational transformation and the further development of human capital, creating the fundamental conditions for the cultivation and upgrading of knowledge and skills of human resources. In this context, the Group invests in digital education programs, such as the Centers of Excellence and the Digital Academy, in order to provide the appropriate learning tools and resources, such as the promotion of new skills and work practices as mentioned above.

The Digital Transformation program aims to leverage and integrate digital technologies and skills, such as advanced Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Process Optimization / Automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) across the entire range of the Group’s business activity, transforming the way it operates and creates value. In addition, it aims to develop a new culture and way of doing things for the Group and its people. In order to implement the digital initiatives more effectively, joint/mixed working groups have been set up by subject, consisting of executives who are familiar with the needs and processes of the business, specialized partners in digital technologies and persons responsible for the implementation and monitoring of such initiatives. This approach is accompanied by a program of upgrading skills and strengthening the organization with new digital capabilities, allowing all participants to contribute to this effort.

Given that HELLENiQ ENERGY integrates multiple business activities, the program is structured around three distinct pillars:

  • Digital Refinery (including Petroleum Marketing) aiming at transforming the refinery into a collaborative, interconnected and digital refinery that improves plant operations, enhances operational safety, increases profit margins and motivates and values employees.
  • Digital Enterprise Functions: aiming at creating more efficient corporate operations by integrating digital solutions into the decision-making process.
  • Digital Retailing : aiming at enhancing knowledge and adopting an integrated approach to serving partners and corporate customers, as well as increasing interaction in the retail sector, thereby creating significant commercial added value for both the Group and consumers.

In the near future, additional initiatives related to the Group’s new business activities are expected to be included, with the ultimate goal of successfully implementing the Group’s energy transition strategy.

In addition, the Group has completed the necessary Digital Transformation planning; this multi-year plan has already started being implemented with measurable and significant financial results. The objective is to transform the Group through a multi-year plan with a total investment of more than 40 million euros, which includes more than 70 digital initiatives that will bring the Group benefits and will exceed 50 millions euros per year when fully operational

HELLENiQ ENERGY, holding a leading position in the energy transition of Southeast Europe and wishing to further strengthen its extrovert strategy and innovation, founded the new IT and Digital Transformation company, HELLENiQ ENERGY Digital, in December 2021, the strategic directions of which are structured as follows:

  • Implementation of Digital Transformation by creating a Digital Innovation Hub, which designs and implements centralized digital solutions.
  • Provision of integrated and homogenized technology services to all Group companies, based on a costed list and in accordance with the use of each service.
  • Application of centralized resource management practices, in order to optimize and rationalize operating costs.
  • Utilization of external funding sources to further improve cost structures.
  • Promotion of the Group’s innovation culture through effective communication of technology initiatives.
  • Enhancement of the Group’s image by communicating the use of new technologies in the energy sector to social partners.

HELLENiQ ENERGY Digital leverages innovative technologies and flexible collaboration models to deliver services that facilitate rapid decisionmaking, with a focus on collaboration and effective governance.

Digital Refinery

  • 15 Digital Initiatives

    have been completed in 2022, 10 of which were launched within the year

  • 13 Digital Initiatives

    launched in 2022 and are ongoing

Achievements 2022

  • Scheduling of refinery operations, from raw material (crude) to finished products, on a daily basis, through a single scheduling platform.
  • Accurate energy consumption management
    through an advanced monitoring system.
  • Raw material (crude) selection and utilization optimization by considering their compatibility with
    the equipment and specifications.
  • Optimization of petrol blends, considering the specifications and minimizing overproduction.
  • Use of data analysis and machine learning tools to reduce steam consumption in plants.
  • Analysis of historical data on mechanical equipment maintenance for more effective planning and management of material, technical and human resources.
  • Development of specialized tools for the
    monitoring, simulation and optimization of the operating parameters of critical refinery units.

Priorities for 2023

  • Performance Management, with the introduction of a Single Operations Center.
  • Asset Management by promoting more effective maintenance strategies
  • Hydrocarbon Supply Chain, with the new Mass Balance platform complementing the automation design.

Digital Enterprise Functions

  • 6 Digital Initiatives

    completed by 2022

  • 5 Digital Initiatives

    are underway, 4 of which
    started in 2022

Achievements 2022

  • Gradual transition of the enterprise resource
    management system to a newer version (S/4HANA), starting at the Group level and ensuring efficiency, consistency and stability through:

    • advanced database technology with high processing and analysis speeds and real-time data processing capabilities;
    • simplified data and business process model
    • modern, personalized interface for users with
      advanced automation features.
  • Implementation of a new ESG platform aiming at a faster collection of data and reports based on sustainability standards (GRI, CDP, etc.) and their more effective handling.
  • Implementation of the digitization of the
    procurement process through a new system supporting all the functions of the competent unit (Suppliers Management, Contracts Management,etc.).


Priorities for 2023

  • Integration of corporate units by 2025, minimizing the operational impact of the technological transition and ensuring the smooth operation of the Group.
  • Completion of the digitization project of the Procurement Directorate.
  • Integration of a Cash Management platform.

Digital Retailing

  • Loyalty Platform

    Launch of an up-to-date Loyalty platform

Achievements 2022

  • Completion of the first phase of the EKO Smile program, an innovative loyalty program for the Greek market, which provides
    • increase in the number of customers and
      strengthens their loyalty;
    • data collection and categorization of customers as per their features;
    • studies and analyses to improve decision-making;
    • targeted strategic actions and communications.


Priorities for 2023

  • Expansion of the coverage of the EKO Smile platform in international markets.
  • Further initiatives in the retail supply chain

Investing in our people & new technologies

Specialized Knowledge

The most important prerequisite to successfully implement the Digital Transformation program is the training of HELLENiQ ENERGY’s human resources. Further enhancement of knowledge and skills and cultivation of new necessary digital skills, in connection with a good knowledge of business processes, is a priority for achieving the objectives of the program. At the same time, the Group’s investment in its people is reflected and works positively as a benefit to society as a whole.

Centers of Excellence

To promote the specialized disciplines required, two Centers of Excellence (CoEs) have been established and are in operation for Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling (Data Science), and for Automation and Robotics solutions (Process Automation). The CoEs aim to support digital initiatives on their area of expertise by providing specialized services and implementing best practices in all HELLENiQ ENERGY’s development pillars.

In addition, a new practice of collaboration and internship for graduates of the National Technical University of Athens is introduced through their participation in the Corporate Process Optimization and Project Management (PMO) team, gaining valuable work experience and technical knowledge.

In 2022, executives, directly involved in the Group’s digital initiatives, attended 560 hours of distance learning in relevant concepts and digital technologies through the Centers of Excellence and more than 1,200 hours to date. In addition, the Digital Academy is being implemented following the selection and procurement of a specialized platform for the delivery of educational content, providing complex learning programs in the various fields of digital technologies.

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